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Comments of NoClone

Thumbs Up  eptwa 24-Jan-2004 04:15:55 PM
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Ease of Use  
   "Best $23 I ever spent!"
This software does all it says it will! If you are searching for duplicate files for moving, or deleting this is the software for you. If you are at least an intermediate computer user this software is self explainitory and easy to use/ figure out. I would give it a 9.75 out of a 10. I tried it on a 8,000,000 file search of an entire storage HDD and it completed the search in about 12 hours. I used the auto mark feature nd slated dups for deletion, keeping the newest file only. Problem was I had accessed the HHD using my old fashion deletion methods and moved a few files, hence causing an "unable to access" error that stopped the entire process. A nicer feature would be to allow the skipping of a file and continuing on with the rest, but the same problem exists in all Windows platforms using thier software so it was not unexpected. I downloaded many trial versions before purchasing this product and found it to be the easiest to operate and the only one that left me in control of every file, delete or move. In a situation where you are unsure the files can be moved to a location you specify, therefore allowing review before final deletion. I use the software for image file purposes, but can see a usfullness in other applications also. #1 feature being the auto mark and able to choose the newest file. This allows for deleting all but the latest version. In reverse choosing the oldest file would allow for deleting the files you made a mistake on and want to revert back to the old. No more need to view the file attributes! Love the program and look forward to more enhancements.
Thumbs Up  Zaine Ridling  

04-Jul-2004 03:30:46 PM

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Ease of Use  


  "Rock solid, and super fast"
IMPRESSIVE is the word to describe NoClone. Designed well, with an easy to use interface, highly flexible, it examined over 10,000 files in one of my system folders in 21 seconds. Unlike every other duplicate file find app, though, NoClone allows you to dynamically preview duplicate files either internally or externally - your choice. Skip the rest, and get NoClone. You'll thank me later. Review of NoClone

This simple but powerful utility helps you free up disk space by uncovering duplicate files. The boring, businesslike interface isn't very well organized and must be run in full-screen mode to see search results. In our tests, NoClone did its job fairly quickly and let us search for duplicate files by specifying particular drives, folders, and file types. You can choose to locate documents by identical names and content, as well as by partially matching text. We did appreciate NoClone's timesaving features, which include the ability to automatically delete older versions of the same file and to save search parameters for future use. The only thing we really missed was a built-in tool for line-to-line comparisons. Still, if your hard drive is bloated with unnecessary files, it can't hurt to add NoClone to your arsenal of cleaning tools.


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I am very impressed with your software, would be very interested in
purchasing a license.  I have had a chance to use it at lengths to clean up
my business' gigantic file server, and find it invaluable indeed.

I do have 2 important suggestions I would like to see implemented:

1. A version for the Mac.  To my knowledge, you'd be the first with true
byte-for-byte comparison.

2. An option to take into account file tags and allow for appropriate
action.  Particularly, I am thinking of ID3 tags typical of MP3s.

Here is my scenario:

I have, well, let's just say a sizeable collection of MP3s.  I ran a dedupe
between as many shares as I thought I needed to (within the constraints of
your 2K-file limit, of course), and indeed found countless dupes.  Perfect.
Notwithstanding, there are a lot of dupes it did not catch.  Why?  Because
although the AUDIO data was identical, the ID3 tags differed.

It happened like this: I cleaned up the ID3 tags on what I had left after
deduping, but then came across audio files yet elsewhere which I know to be
dupes of some of the ones I cleaned the ID3 tags for.  But now NoClone no
longer categorizes these files as dupes - and rightly so: technically, they
are no longer, since certain data contained within (namely the ID3 tags)
differs.  But the audio is the same.

What to do?

Add an option to ignore ID3 tags (or respective tags for other such files),
add a flag to the results (highlight, bullet, etc.) for otherwise-matched
files with different ID3 tags - and incorporate an ID3 previewer.  That's
more or less how I'd approach it.

You may wish to check out Peoplesmith Software's comprehensive DoubleTake
database deduping application for utilitarian solutions.  Their software
presents itself much like yours, but is limited to deduping database
content, and is aimed at mass marketing mailings.  We have actually done
work for them.

I hope that helps.  I look forward to seeing NoClone continue to improve and