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How do people use NoClone?

    1. Search zero-size files, same-name files, same-content files and file portions
    2. Simple fuzzy match
    3. Search over network
    1. Search files by date and size
    2. Include/exclude specified folder
    3. search area / search target íV search against folder
    4. Multiple file types allowed
    5. Include/exclude hidden files/folders
    6. Protect Windows folder
    7. Show file versions
    8. User input History
    1. Duplicate file groups are colourized
    2. Preview and open file/folder
    3. Export result list in comma separated value (CSV) format
    4. Show file properties and file versions
    5. Save/load search session (path list, search parameters and result)
    6. Report no. of duplicate file groups
    7. File read error report
    1. Smart marking
    2. mark by date, size, version, folder and file name pattern
    1. Move marked files to a folder
    2. Delete marked files permanently or to recycle bin
    3. Copy marked files to a folder
    1. Check new version online
    2. Show file details in tool tips / option to disable tool tips
    3. Contextual tips and warnings

Don't hesitate.

NoClone is shareware that searches your computer for duplicate files and removes them: this frees up disk space and improves file management.

Too often Internet users download files to their computers where duplicate files may exist and waste storage space. This is more likely to happen if you use a robot to download all files within the URL. Buying a larger hard drive can solve the problem, but then you're using up the hard drive, you write them to CDR & more and more space is required. A sensible alternative method is to detect your duplicate files and delete them. That immediately gives you more space & increases your available disk space.

Programmers can use NoClone to compare their source code files so that they won't be confused by the same file name and duplicate files.

File portions are usually partially downloaded files or truncated files. NoClone can find out those files with the completed version.

A simple fuzzy match allows files with little difference between them to clog up your computer. File transmission errors over a network are sometimes overlooked in this mode. Files downloaded by a P2P program e.g. eMule/Kazaa may contain this kind of file.

Zero-size files are usually temp. files: they can be safely removed to allow you to manage your files better.

NoClone compares large files and large number of files fast.

Don't hesitate.

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