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NoClone eNewsletter June 2005


JUNE 2005

NoClone Enterprise Edition

PRICE: $25 (£13) per license, 25 licenses
RATING 々々々々々仝
NoClone has to work hard to differentiate itself from all the other duplicate file finders out there, and does so with the Enterprise Edition. It works just as well over an unlimited number of network paths (UNC paths and mapped network drives, for example) as most utilities do with a single PC. Supporting an unlimited number of files in a search, and with a surprising turn of speed considering it uses a byte-by-byte comparison, NoClone simply gets results with this fuzzy match process, especially when combined with smart deletion of duplicates. You can search for files of zero size, duplicate files, files with the same name and/or portions of files, and it handles all file types with equal aplomb. The license fee is only $49 (£26) for a single user, with volume discounts dropping the rate down rapidly to as little as £6 per seat when you get more than 100 users.


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