Using Help Window

In this section, you will have a description on how to use the Help Window.
Find the topic you want
Retrace your steps
Search Tips

Find the topic you want

When you are viewing the Help Window, click the tabs in the left frame to view the content of Help Window in a different way:

Click the link in contents in Help Window to view related contents

Retrace your steps

Click the buttoms in the left top corner to retrace your steps in Help Window.

Search Tips

The following search tips may hep you to search topics in an effective way.

  1. Find topics related to NoClone
    As it is not an internet search machine, you may not find topics that are not related to Noclone.
  2. Do not be too specific
    The search machine may not find any topic with long keywords like "How to select duplicates with Smart Marker?". Instead, "Smart Marker" is a better keyword to perform searching
  3. Do not be too general
    Searching with general keyword such as "NoClone" or "duplicates" may result in diplaying all topics in the Help Window. "Duplicates with criteria" is a better keyword to perform searching
  4. Just keyword
    The search machine only search all the words you type in without checking gramma. Therefore instead of searching with keyword "Duplicates with criteria", "Duplicate criteria" is enough for the search machine to perform searching. But please make sure that the keywords correctly.