Search result

After search result is shown, duplicate, zero-size and same-name files are listed in the first three tabs. The last  tab is a report of files suspected to be duplicate but with read errors are listed.

There are a few columns in the search result, namely DupeGroupID, FolderPath, File Name, Size, Date modified , Single Instanced** and NTFSNumOfLinks**. As for the case of scanning duplicate MP3 file, a number of extra columns will be display like Title, Album etc . DupeGroupID is the number assigned to a group of duplicate file, DupeGroupID is meaningful to identify the duplicates they are in. You can mark a tick by clicking , you can then delete(either replace by Hardlink*** , move to recycle bin or delete permanently)/move/copy marked files to a specified location. Folder, file name, size and date modified columns show their respective properties.

* Duplicate files are uniquely grouped by  DupeGroupID and different colours but not uniquely.

** SingleInstanced: Indicate weather the file has been hardlinked
     NumOfNTFSLink: Number of files are hard linked in together

*** To see more about Hard Link, click here