Search duplicate files

To begin your search, you first have to specify folders and files that you want to search.
  1. Select [Search template]
  2. Select folder by clicking [Browse...].
  3. If you want to restrict files of certain types to be found, replace your extension e.g. *.gif in [File Type.:]. You can specify multiple file name pattern by adding more than one file path and specify another file type e.g. *.gif
  4. If sub-folder is included in the search, tick the sub-folder check box or clear it to exclude sub-folder.
  5. You can specify file size, file date and duplicate definition in [Define...]. For details, please check Define Report page
  6. By default, NoClone would search include Hidden Files/Folders. To excluding all the hidden files, click [Exclude Path] on the left panel and type in the searching path in field provided, checking [Hidden folders and files] option and click [+] to add the path. To excluding files under Windows folder, select [Protect Windows Folder].
  7. Press [Add>] button to a add the folder
  8. To add more path in single search, click [Add more path>] . Type in another directory you want to search in the box on the top and click [Add] button above the "Path box"
  9. To add path to compare with master folder, click [Compare again master folder>]. Click [Add] button to add pathes.
  10. You can remove selected folder by selecting added folder and then press [Remove<] button.
  11. Press [Search] button to begin the search.
  12. You can cancel the search during searching by pressing [Cancel], but please wait a moment while stopping.
  13. When search is completed, you can start a [new search] with other criteria or [Back to search] to search again with the same criteria.