Quick Start

This section shows you how to search your computer for duplicate files, truncated files, zero-size file, and same-name files.

  1. Select action template ("Exact-Content Duplicate Files as default")
  2. Select folder by clicking [Browse...] or type in folder name
  3. Click [Search] button to start the search.
  4. Search result is shown, you can review files by selecting ( highlight) the file on the result panel and click Review and choosing the action listed on the menu.
  5. Click the check box or use [Smart Marker] located in Mark > Smart Marker to mark the file you want to take action on it .
  6. To remove files, click Action > Save Space , and follow the instructions stated on the screen

Note: Please be sure the file listed on above is safe to delete if you choose "Delete permanently"

For more information, see Search Duplicate Files - General Procedure.

* Search Result