Searching Duplicates Through Network

This section shows you how to search duplicate files on network using a single workstation.
NoClone Home Edition only support searching duplicates in 5 network drives in a single search only. You can click Update NoClone to update from Home Edition to Enterprise Edition

To searching duplicates through network:
Note: If you can access the network without entering password, just simply ignore Part I and start Part II.

Part I: Before activating NoClone

  1. Start Menu --> My Computer
  2. In My Computer, click Tool --> Map Network Drive
  3. Select a drive and fill in the Folder
  4. Click "different user name" to enter username and password
  5. Click Finish to complete mapping

If mapping drive successfully, a network drive icon is displayed in My Computer.

Part II: Now activate NoClone and you can add network paths in 2 ways:

  1. Click Browse... in "1. Select Paths" to browse the network
  2. Directly type in the exact network drive or folder (eg. \\reasonable\noclone$) in Path in "1. Select Paths"

Part III: After selecting the network drive or folder, you can operate NoClone like searching local drive. To know more about the basic operation of NoClone, please click Quick Start.