Setting up Search Criteria

To speed up your search and restrict files to those you are interested in, there are a number of criteria you can set, namely path, file types, file size, date, and scope. They are explained in detailed as follows:

You can type in path e.g. "c:\My Documents" manually, browse the folder or choose template path from the drop-down list box. Template paths includes "My Documents", "Desktop" and "My Favourites", the physical location will be added if you click on it.

You can type the file type to be search in the field "File Type". For searching all files , you can type "*.*". For searching more than 1 file type, click "Add path" and add the current file type into the list and then type in the next file type and click Add.

You can exclude a folder by checking "Exclude Folder" in the main view.

After you click the "Exclude Path", a pop-up dialog appear. You can browse any path you want to exclude by clicking [...] button and click [+] to add into the list. For safety purpose, we suggest you to protect system folders by checking "protect system folders" folder" to exclude them.

To specify the range of file size to be searched, click "Define..." and a dialog box would popup.

You can specify the minimum and maximum file size to include in the search. For example, you can set minimum file size to 2KB to ignore those small files as there are many which you don't interested in at all.

You can specify the range of file date in the searching criteria. Date available to be selected are "Any","Last modified in last day", "last week", "last month and last year". You can also specify a specific date to search for.